Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Pretend {phfr} - Fritter's Adventure

Can I do a {phfr} without pictures?  No?  I have a good excuse though.

Dan and Fritter are off on their first (of many, I'm sure) adventures without the women-folk (and they took the camera with them, which had all my possible {phfr} pictures).  They left early this morning for a plane ride to Salt Lake City, where they took a city bus to the car rental place (it's cheaper to rent a car off-site of the airport, but it also takes some logistical planning to pull it off), and are now, as I write, driving five hours to Dan's hometown in Wyoming to visit Grandma.  I didn't cry.  Honest.  ;)

I wish I did have a picture of the two of them walking into the airport terminal together.  Big boy Fritter walking, no strutting, next to his daddy with a backpack stuffed with books and toy airplanes and clothes.  When did he get so big?

Because they had to leave so early this morning (think 4am) we tried to get Fritter in bed early last night.  But the excitement was too much to bear, (and he had lost another tooth, which was also SUPER exciting) and he was worried that no one would wake up to get to the airport in time.  I assured him that the alarms were set and the airplane WOULD NOT take off without him.  He finally fell asleep around 10pm, and at 2:57 this morning woke me up wondering if it was time to go.  I sent him back to bed for 3 more minutes of sleep (for me, not him) before the alarm went off.  Cruel, I know.

But, anyway, they are off, which leaves me with alone with the little girls.  I honestly don't know what to do with myself.  I rented all of season 2 of Downton Abbey on Netflix, and maybe I'll finally get Ladybug's quilt finished.  The girls and I are going to have a little toe-nail painting, ice cream eating session tonight, and maybe we'll watch Cinderella.

Perhaps this will be the weekend of finishing up projects.  Could be fun...

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Kate said...

How very sweet! Hope that they (as well as you and your sweet little girls) have a wonderful time!