Thursday, July 26, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken


My dear friend Mary brought us over a dinner last night, as well as these flowers.  They are very pretty and lighten the mood around here just a little bit.  What is it about flowers that just seem to remind us that everything is really going to be ok?

Happy is a relative term.  Not much has taken me out of my fog.  One thing that has served to make me less sad is working on Ladybug's quilt. I have decided to hand quilt it, and though I've gone back and forth about whether that was a good idea, I think it is serving it's purpose.  My hands get to be busy creating something pretty and useful, and my mind can be blank.  The perfect combination.

When I just can't come up with my own words to pray, I have been falling back on these three books.  They say everything I'd like to say but can't and some things I don't want to say but should.  They are keeping me grounded.

My dear children never fail to bring about a few laughs. 

Especially when I'm watching a three year old try to sweep the sand she dumped off the porch.  How did she get in this jam?

This plant is the perfect picture for how I am feeling.  Maybe I should give it water instead of just taking a picture of it?  Poor thing...
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Mary H said...

Hang in there! On the plus side, you've had that poor plant as long as I've known you and it's still alive. It's strong! You are too! :)

Kate said...

Dear Cmerie, I cannot imagine the heartbreak you must be experiencing. I want you to know how much I admire your beautiful example of resignation, strength, and trust. Your reward someday will be very great, as well as the joy experienced when you are reuntied with the sweet little ones you have lost.

Much love,