Thursday, June 21, 2012

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If you are friends with me on facebook you will probably have already seen these pictures, but I can think of no better way than to tell our recent story than this.

round button chicken


Pretty are these two wonderful girls who gave up ten days of their summer to roast in Arizona with us.  So we took them to the beach in San Diego, which is also very pretty.  But it can't compare to who our nieces are growing up to be.  Pretty inside and out.


My little Sunflower was one happy baby the first day at the beach.  She couldn't get enough of the sand and wanted nothing more than to roll around in it as much as possible.  Of course it was cold and she was wet and sandy, which later did not lend to a happy baby, but we'll not talk about that part.  :)


Dan and our older niece worked very hard on these giant shoes and basketball.  While I worked to keep the little girls warm and happy.  And of course what is a beach trip without burying someone in the sand?  Fritter is really a very good sport.

 He's working hard to fill the shoes set out for him.


After family leaves, and I get that left behind feeling, I realize there is really nothing more real than family.  We are in between visitors now, and peeling the rind off of the house has been...real, but it's so worth it.  We are really going to miss these girls.

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Neen said...

I have older kids and younger ones. The older ones visited St. Louis for a few weeks to help my mom after surgery. I so loved getting reports on how loved they were and how missed they are. I am sure the same goes for your wonderful family.