Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yard Sale Loot

This morning my dear husband made breakfast for us all and then scooted me out the door for some much needed mommy time.  I did what any woman would do given a few hours alone on a Saturday morning.  I went yard sale-ing.

Besides the normal odds and ends I found and claimed as my own, I hit what I consider to be the jackpot.

An entire bucket of stamp and craft supplies for $5.  As I walked away, the mother in charge of the yard sale told her daughter, who sold these to me, that she should have charged me more than she did.  Too late!  :)

 Paper craft scissors and decorative hole punchers.

A very small taste of the kind of stamping treasures I found.

They are really just colored paper circles, but I know I can figure out something to do with them.

Also, paper craft glue, embossing powder, fabric paint, ink pads, oh me, oh my!

Besides all this, I also found some Kindergarten and Preschool workbooks, a few movies, an armful of children's books, and a couple of books for Dan and I.  When I came home, my husband took one look at me and my treasures and immediately became overwhelmed.  He loves me.  :)


Kate said...

Such fun! I've found some great deals too this year. It made me smile reading about Dan's reaction when you got back.......made me think of my own dear husband......he always gets a bit nervous when I start to mention garage sales;)


Cmerie said...

It's become one of my favorite things to do. And around here they have them all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Kate!