Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - The May Edition

round button chicken


Since it is May, and since I had to cut back the flowers from our front entrance way today anyway, Fritter and I filled up two small vases (or one small vase and one baby food jar) with the leftover flowers.

I'm thinking we'll try to keep these vases filled for all of May.


I don't know why, but laundry (or in this case, sheets and blankets) on the line just make me happy.

 Know what else makes me happy?  This man.  Besides the obvious, in that he's my husband and basically rocks, he also got his Edsel running (he put a new transmission in it) and it is right now in the muffler shop.  Yesterday, the girls and I followed behind the boys to take it there and it was so fun seeing Fritter's little cowlick waving in the wind from behind.


Funny is trying to take a picture of two moving children in front of the tower they built.  I have about five pictures just like this, and no one picture with just nice smiles.


My marigolds are long dead.  This pot sits at the front door and is a testament to my poor gardening skills.  The little bit of green in there are weeds.

Real life around here also entails a freshly swept rug and floors and a little boy who just can't resist the mud.

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Lisa said...

I love to see windowsills over the kitchen sink - I don't have that!

Cmerie said...

It's the one thing I truly love about my kitchen. Especially because it looks directly into the backyard so I can see the kids playing.