Wednesday, May 16, 2012


After a trying day of just being tired and grumpy in general (seriously, what is up with that?!) combined with sick kids, I still had to make an evening dash to Walmart for a (giant) cart load complete with price matching (isn't that just so fun?).  I needed to be home before 6:45, because my husband's men's group was meeting, at my house.  Of course, it didn't happen, because I was not the only mad woman in line trying to price match on a Wednesday evening.  At least there were several men available at my house to carry in the groceries. 

It's been hot here.  Really hot.  It's May, and already I dread going outside.  So hot in fact, that when I got home and the nice gentlemen brought in my groceries, I found my ice cream had already melted.

After several deep breaths, I snuggled next to Fritter and Ladybug in her bedroom and read The Sleep Book.  Two little heads rested on my shoulder, and I felt the stress melt away (kind of like my ice cream!).

This life of mine.  It's not easy, but my goodness is it ever worth it.


Kate said...

I agree! As difficult as it is sometimes, it is SO worth it! Hugs to you and yours, and I hope you have a happy feast day!


Cmerie said...

Thank you Kate!