Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teaching Moment

My dear husband got home late this evening after a short business trip.  After tucking little ones into bed, I gladly passed the torch onto him so I could indulge in a much needed shower.  While finishing up, I heard some little voices coming from Fritter's room.  Going to investigate, I saw the light was on, and there were definitely two small voices chatting over something or other in very serious tones.  As I peaked around the corner, I saw Fritter and Ladybug peering over a children's bible "reading" it together and discussing the pictures.

What a dilemma for Mama!  Ladybug was out of bed, Fritter had turned his light on, and dad was not paying very close attention to his little charges.  And yet, in those few minutes, my two rule breakers were learning more together about Jesus than I could probably teach them.

As I scooted Ladybug back off to bed, I sat down prepared to deliver a (very) small reprimand to Fritter for breaking the rules.  Before I could, however, he interrupted with, "Mom, could you tell me more about Jesus?"  How could I resist?!  I pointed out the pictures they were looking at, which were of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus.  I then pointed out the pictures of the Resurrection.  Fritter said, "Jesus never disappears, does he?  He only appears and stays with us, right?"

Oh, to have the heart of a child again!

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