Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seder Preparations and the Virtue of Letting Go

This past year I've learned an awful lot about letting go of my extremely high expectations.  And preparing for tonight's supper and the coming Tridium has been no less of a learning process.  All week I had high expectations of spring cleaning, well behaved and not sick children, wonderful food on our family's yearly Seder.  And all week long a little voice has been whispering, "Let it go.  I see your efforts.  I know your heart.  I love you."

After a stressful morning which almost ended in with me a puddly mess on the floor, I finally listened.  "Let it go!"  So I have.  Instead of looking at what is not yet done, I am choosing to look at what has been done, and allowing myself to be just a wee bit excited about Easter.  It's almost here!  Can you feel it?!

The bedrooms have been cleaned, the bathrooms have been scrubbed, the rest of the house will be ok.  The food is prepped for tonight, with only a few minor things left to do for the rest of the weekend (hot cross buns! stuff the eggs! Not thinking about it!)

How are things coming on your Tridium preparations?

There is only one person in the family that likes radishes, so I mix them in with a "bitter" spinach salad.

My own version of charoses.  I like to use cream cheese to make a spread for the flat bread.  It looks like mortar, right?

The table is set.  If I can just keep the little hands away.

Today the only thing left that really matters is to frost the lamb cake.  I can do that with my eyes closed.  :)

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