Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marriage - Small Steps, Big Rewards

I love all things Dr. Ray Guarendi, so when I saw that he had come out with a book on marriage, I had to have it.  I was not disappointed.  Dr. Ray brings practical wisdom to family life and in Marriage - Small Steps, Big Rewards, he does the same thing for marriage.  The book is broken up into 10 "small steps", each designed to bring greater peace to married life.  From the introduction:

The ideas in this book infuse good marriages.  That's why I present them.  You will find no psychobabble, no fancy communication strategies, no grand alterations in lifestyle--just some simple ways to break bad habits and replace them with good ones.

Sounds doable, right?  But change can be hard so Dr. Ray goes even further.  With each small step, he provides several  "resistance rationale"'s, or ways we talk ourselves out of doing what we should.  And he counteracts each of them with sound advice that gives you greater resolve to make the changes you should.

Personally, I have found that most of the steps in this book are common sense things that common people forget to do in married life.  The first step is "Say, I'm Sorry", which for most of us seems like a no-brainer.  But how often do we talk ourselves out of saying those two little words?  The excuses are (hopefully) forever banished in this book.

Like the title implies, these small steps can really reap big rewards in the marriage arena.

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