Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Handbook for Catholic Moms

I originally got The Handbook for Catholic Moms for a book study my mom's group was doing.  The study itself did not continue, but I did continue reading Lisa Hendey's very useful book.  The book is divided into four parts: heart, mind, body, and soul, with the idea of helping mom's nurture their whole being.  The premises is really great, bringing a sense of balance to (for many of us moms) an imbalanced life. 
This is not a book like many on the market today about taking care of you and only you, for the sole purpose of selfishness.  The Handbook for Catholic Moms (much like the website Lisa started, is about being a better version of yourself so as to be more of a blessing to our families.
One of the things I liked best about the book is the inclusion of writings from other moms in a variety of individual circumstances.  They include small snippets from other lives to help illustrate the particular point Lisa is making in the book.  At the end of each chapter Lisa gives the reader "Homework" to help carry out what was learned into everyday life.  This is great, because I know for me, I read quite a bit, but have a tendency to leave what I read behind when I reenter real life.  Lisa calls these "baby steps...toward the ultimate goal of caring for ourselves better as moms, as women, and as Catholics."  She also includes web resources to provide further support.
I highly recommend this book for any Catholic mom that is striving to reach that precious balance in her life.  It is a resource that I know I will continue to return to throughout my years of motherhood.
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**Lisa let me know in the comments that there is a study guide with questions for each chapter!  If you are interested in this, see the information in the comment to contact her.  Thanks Lisa!

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your review of my book! I am glad you found it helpful and so greatly appreciate your support. Your readers may be interested in knowing that we have a study/discussion guide available free of charge with discussion questions for each chapter. Interested readers can email me at for a copy.