Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chosen and Cherished

Like all Kimberly Hahn books, Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for your Marriage is packed with wisdom.  It is the first of six books in the Life-Nurturing Love series, which is a study of the woman from Proverbs 31.  Chosen and Cherished specifically looks at Proverbs 31:10-12:
Who can find a woman of worth?
Far beyond jewels is her value.
Her husband trusts her judgement;
he does not lack income.
She brings him profit not loss,
                all the days of her life.
Some women from my moms group and I read this book as a study group.  This was made very easy for us, since Kimberly broke the book into six sessions, each with study questions at the end of the book.  This book could also be easily adapted for a study for married couples, and there are separate questions for each session for couples preparing for marriage.
The topics in this book on marriage range from trusting in the Lord, being a woman of worth, trusting in each other, conflict resolution (I especially loved "The Anger Ladder" that she presents), to the sanctity of marriage.  This is advice you can readily apply to your own marriage.  Unlike many marriage books out there which unhelpfully state that my happiness is the most important thing and have the spouses vying for postition on leadership, Chosen and Cherished actually provides sound biblical wisdom.  Kimberly Hahn doesn't just tell you that you should be self-giving either, but talks about the complementarity of the spouses and how through self-giving they can find true happiness in marriage.
I really think this book would be a great gift for couples preparing for marriage.  It also works well as a group study.  I highly recommend it.
*I wrote this review of Chosen and Cherished for the free Catholic Book review program, created by Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, your source for Baptism Gifts and First Communion Gifts.

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