Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paper Blooms

Fritter, Ladybug, and I made these little tissue paper blooms earlier this week, and I am finding just how much they are brightening up my window ledge.  They are so cheerful and it was really a lot of fun (and easy) to make them.

And adding on to my previous post about peace and the dinner table, here is a quote taken from a really wonderful article on serenity:

For the normal Christian life is to be increasingly free from anger, anxiety and disturbance. This results from the increasing trust that faith begets. The closer our walk with God and our experience of his love for us, the more inconsequential is the hatred of the world, the insensitivity of others. We are increasingly untroubled that we are not praised or promoted, for God’s love is more and more enough for us, and is experienced as real. We are less obsessed with what others think of us. Our fears give way to a powerful experience of God’s loving providence and his capacity to make a way out of no way.

Read the whole thing here.

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Jennyb said...

Candice, Thank you for the both the dinner table post and this one! So simple, insightful, and a beautiful reminder of the joys of everyday life as a mom. I am going to make some blooms. I actually had an Idea for egg cartons, paint, and pipecleaners. Haha...Yours looks much easier. The rock bed is a Greatidea!!! Thanks again for sharing