Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday and a Walking Video

Sunflower is 1 today!  Fritter and Ladybug made her a birthday girl crown this morning, which she managed to keep on for some of the morning.  It helped that every time she took it off a sibling was there to put it right back on.

My little Sunflower is so kissable, I'm amazed she hasn't been bitten by anyone yet.  She is very demanding (already, Lord have mercy!), but loves to snuggle, especially with her mama.  When daddy comes home she greets him with a great big "DAAA!" and tells everyone that Daddy's home.

Oh, and I did catch video of her walking this morning.  For your viewing pleasure, Little Miss Sunflower.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This morning, bright and early, the person we hired came to aerate the lawn.  All three children stared at him while he worked.  I hope he didn't feel too self-conscience.

Sunflower turns one on Friday.  I'm not sure how this can be.  But that's what the calendar says, and so I suppose I must agree with it.  She's also walking, and I've yet to catch it on video though my mom keeps reminding me to.  It's not that I'm not fascinated or that I'm not celebrating her.  But, well, I have seen it before (two other times in fact!), and I'm usually too busy kissing her chubby cheeks to run and grab the camera.

I also went on retreat this past weekend, and it was completely wonderful.  I'm still unpacking it, and may post a little about it.  But, God's words to each person are so...personal.  For now, I'll just say that I learned so much about myself, both the good the bad and the very ugly.  And I've been given hope that with God's grace, I just may be able to overcome some of the more negative aspects of myself.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
-Proverbs 3:5-6

Friday, March 23, 2012

Something We Can Agree On

I can't remember the last time I did this, but today, while searching for a birthday present for a friend's child, I purchased the Adele CD for myself as well.  I've loved her music for awhile now, but buying music is just not at the top of my list anymore, you know?  Anyway, so I popped it into the van on the way home.  "This is a really great CD," I said out loud.

"Yeah!  It is really good.  She's singing about the Land Before Time!" agreed Fritter.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laundry Aftermath

Last week, on top of everything else, we got hit with a stomach bug.  It quickly made its way through the entire family.  Each. and. every. one. of. us.

Yesterday, my dear hubby was hit and spent the day on the couch while the rest of the family recovered.  Thankfully, the bug managed to wait to hit the next person until the last person was functioning at some level.  So while I was sick, the only other one who was still sick was Sunflower.  And while Dan was sick, the rest of us were (mostly) recovered.  Today, we are all well again (for now) and dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

The giant pile of laundry.  At least it's clean.  Dan promised to help me fold it and put it away this evening.  It is being added to about every hour.

Empty baskets!  Yay!  A light at the end of the tunnel!

Nothing is better than sheets dried in the sun.  Nothing.  Tonight we will have the peace of sleeping in a clean, fresh bed.
Here's hoping we are done with sickness for the year.  The Lord knows we've had our fair share.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Change Of Plans and a Pity Party

We have been sick off and on (but mostly on with a few exceptions) since early February.  Colds, flu, ear infections, colds, flu.  And then last week, I strained my back picking up Sunflower from the playpen.  And it still hurts.  And I have this cough that just won't go away, and seems to be getting worse instead of better.  And do you know what's worse?  Every time I cough, I hurt my back.  So I try not to cough too much so my back can heal (it's a muscle thing I'm sure and just needs to rest besides the extra stretching I've been doing), but that is making the junk really just settle in.  So my back is not healing and my cough is not going away.

And then?  Tuesday we had dentist appointments, including fluoride treatments.  Ladybug needed a few things for summer (it's been in the 80s here, you know) so after the dentist we went to the store.  While there she complained that her stomach hurt, and on the way home she threw up all over herself, her carseat, and the van.  This continued for the rest of the day.  My assumption was it was from the evil fluoride, and I vowed my children would never get fluoride treatments again.

Wednesday we had a super fun playdate planned with my mom's group.  Just know we missed out on garbage trucks and goody bags.  Yesterday she seemed much better, so we took advantage of an opportunity to meet with some friends at a park.  Besides the usual falls and scrapes, it was exactly what (I felt) we needed.  But then, wouldn't you know it?  Yesterday afternoon, the virus that attacked Ladybug decided to attack Fritter, who spent most of the evening and throughout the night emptying his stomach.

(I know it's Lent, but allow me to indulge in a little self pity here).  Last evening I was supposed to go with a friend to an EWTN planning meeting that included a reflection from Fr. Mark Mary.  Of course I stayed home with the sick child.  Which is what I was supposed to do.  So why do I feel so sorry for myself?!  I'm weak.  I know.

This morning we had a St. Patrick's Day potluck planned with my mom's group.  We had to bow out, of course.  And I even made these little St. Patrick bishop cookies for it too (I got the idea from this months issue of the new and improved Catholic Digest).  :(  We can't eat them ourselves today.  They are definitely not lenten.  But tomorrow is a feast day, and barring me coming down with the stomach flu (have mercy!) these little guys will not stand a chance.

I usually do not look forward to summer in Arizona.  But this year, it can't get here soon enough, bringing with it an end to cold and flu season.  God must be trying to tell me that we need to be at home right now with each other, instead of distracted by others "out there".  Well, if that's what we need to do, who am I to complain (even though I just did.  I know.  Weak).

And to end on a mostly happy note, here is a shot from a few days ago with a sick (and very grumpy) Ladybug, and two happy bookend children.  Those two adore each other.  Love!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paper Blooms

Fritter, Ladybug, and I made these little tissue paper blooms earlier this week, and I am finding just how much they are brightening up my window ledge.  They are so cheerful and it was really a lot of fun (and easy) to make them.

And adding on to my previous post about peace and the dinner table, here is a quote taken from a really wonderful article on serenity:

For the normal Christian life is to be increasingly free from anger, anxiety and disturbance. This results from the increasing trust that faith begets. The closer our walk with God and our experience of his love for us, the more inconsequential is the hatred of the world, the insensitivity of others. We are increasingly untroubled that we are not praised or promoted, for God’s love is more and more enough for us, and is experienced as real. We are less obsessed with what others think of us. Our fears give way to a powerful experience of God’s loving providence and his capacity to make a way out of no way.

Read the whole thing here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thoughts in the Morning Mirror

Wow, my hair is really getting dark.  Except for that one little light colored hair.  Look at that hair!  I wonder why it's so light compared to the rest?  Hmmm...and it feels kind of coarse.  Oh, no, is that a...  No couldn't be.  I'm only thir....

A shriek is heard from another room.  "Mommy!"

Thank goodness for distractions.