Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All In A Day

After almost two weeks of sick kids, we are all *sick* of being in our house.  So this morning we took advantage of an opportunity to meet a friend at the park.  Before heading out the door, however, I realized I was completely out of diapers for little miss Sunflower.  No spare diapers in the diaper bag (why do I even have one of those anyway?!), no spare diapers in my purse, no spare diapers hidden somewhere in the van.  What to do?  And then I remembered the bag of cloth diapers I just recently packed away.  Yes!  I think Sunflower liked the lovely softness of that diaper, and I remembered how much I like cloth diapers.  Of course, I wasn't really thinking, and didn't pack an extra in my purse.  What kind of a mother am I anyway?  :)

After a lovely time at the park, I wanted to take advantage of already being out of the house, so we decided to do some grocery shopping and run a few errands.  But I hadn't done my menu planning for the week yet, I didn't have my grocery flyers with me, and I also didn't have the handy free coupons from Fry's.  So back home we went.  I again forgot to pack another diaper.  I did remember to had out snacks to everyone.  Priorities.

I made my menu plan and grocery list outside of the store, nursed the hungry baby, and then my little troop headed inside.  Grocery shopping with three little ones is never any fun, especially when two of the three are still recovering from their colds, and the youngest has missed her morning nap (and was in need of a diaper change).

We zoomed through the store (as fast as one mom and three little ones can zoom), but we weren't quick enough for the baby.  Halfway through she was whining.  Three-quarters of the way through she was fussing, and by the time we got to check out she had had it and was screaming.  The older two unloaded our cart, while I held the grumpy (and wet) baby.

The kids loaded into the van, I ripped open the box of diapers and changed the baby, and then handed my two wonderfully helpful older children each a bag of peanut M&Ms.  They totally deserved them.

After a quick lunch of dry Cheerios while I unloaded the groceries, I sent them all to bed for naps.  And me?  After a nice cup of tea (which I totally deserve), I will commence the folding of the laundry.  All in a days work.


Michelle said...

Good job! You made it through the morning and didn't kill anybody! Woohoo!!! You totally deserve some chocolate with that tea.

Cmerie said...

Thanks Michelle. I did help myself to Ladybug's half eaten bag of M&Ms while they napped. Thank goodness for short memories. She never knew they were missing. :)

Kate said...

Ha! I can't tell you all the times I have taken advantage of short memories! Shame on me, I know...:)