Wednesday, January 4, 2012


But first a picture of a very cute (very dirty) little boy.  The garbage truck broke down right in front of our house this morning.  Our garbage can was left dangling in the air for over an hour.  But then a Mr. Fixit truck came to the rescue and Fritter absorbed every ounce of truck drama he could.

In the picture above do you see the two pillows, one on either side of Fritter?  I have disliked the pattern and texture of the one on the left, and the one on the right is one I made and stuffed, but didn't stuff enough, obviously.  That has now been remedied.

Ta-da!  Each brown pillow is now covered by a case, finished this morning, and each green pillow is now fully stuffed and cozy.  I know it clashes with the southwest style couch (not my choice!).  But that is temporary.  It takes time to make a home right?  A home is a work in progress, or at least that's what I tell myself.  This year, we have put into the budget good covers (I'm looking at the Surefit ones) for both sofas.  Soon, these pillows will no longer clash, but fit perfectly.

I did finish one other project over our Christmas vacation.  My towel embroidery.  Finally!  BUT, I gave them to my mom for a Christmas present and forgot to take a picture of them.  She has been emailed and harassed, and I'm sure soon enough I'll have a picture for you.


Mary H said...

LUCKY! It would be a dream come true for Robby if the garbage truck broke down in front of OUR house. I would *maybe* even let him skip school to watch it (maybe it would bloke our driveway).

Cmerie said...

Actually it did block our driveway, and I had planned a trip to the library so was a little bit worried. BUT, it left right when I had wanted to go, so we got the best of both worlds. :)

Kate said...

Beautiful pillows, Cmerie! I see that you are putting that sewing machine to good use!:) Can't wait to see them with your new couch must post a picture when you get them!