Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Lined My Cabinets

...but didn't take pictures, because I didn't think you'd care to see. :) Why I didn't do that sooner, I'll never know. I just kept replacing the paper towels I had lined in there, and they just kept getting bunched up when things were moved around. Plus they did nothing for the aesthetic appearance of the inside of my cabinets. Not that you care about my cabinets; not that anyone visiting probably even notices my cabinets. But I notice them and it's been driving me crazy for months.

$5. That's it. That's all a roll of contact paper with a pretty design on it costs. That's all it took to ease some of the chaos of my home. $5. That's cheaper than a therapist! :) I LOVE easy projects like this. Have you done anything easy lately that gave you a profound sense of accomplishment?

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Michelle said...

I cleaned the shelf half of my fridge, desperately needed. Still need to do the door, especially the spilled chocolate syrup which has gotten everywhere. But at least the spilled milk under the fruit drawer, there so long it dried into a huge pile of flakes, is gone. And the leaking ground beef container that pooled blood under the glass shelf edges of the meat/cheese drawer is all clean. That was really gross. Job took 10-15 minutes.