Monday, January 16, 2012


This morning Fritter was talking to me about his excitement to start "real" school in the fall.

Fritter:  ...and then I'm going to do homeschool, and you're going to be my teacher, and I'm going to go to Olive Garden!

Me:  Olive Garden?

Fritter:  Yes!  I start Olive Garden soon!

Me:  Oh!  You mean you start Kindergarten soon?

Fritter:  Yes!  Kindergarten!

To which we both broke into giggling fits.  Maybe we'll have breadsticks on our first day of school, just because.  :)


Kate said...

How cute! You should! :)


Michelle said...

Olive Van Gogh...I'm sure that's what he meant. As part of his art appreciation...

Cmerie said...

Ah! Maybe that's what he was talking about. :)

Molly said...

Very CUTE!

I just found your blog & I really like it!