Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent Projects

Actually one is not quite as recent, I made it soon after we got home from our trip to Wyoming.

My dear husband replaced our front door a few months ago, and when he did, he also replaced the window next to it.  It used to be an orangey plastic thing that did nothing to keep the heat out or the cold in, or add security to us in any way.  So we went with a double paned clear security glass for the window.  We were amazed (and pleased) with how much light it let in, but it also let anyone who walked by an unobscured view into our home. 

I searched high and low for a few weeks for a curtain for the window, and I knew in my head what I wanted.  I knew I didn't want to pay the money for anything new, but the thrift stores just didn't have what I was looking for.  So I decided to make one.  I found this wonderful lace in a thrift shop in Wyoming (the same place I found the book).  The problem was, the lace was not quite long enough to cover the window.  What to do?  I had some white satiny material left over from the bridesmaid dresses from our wedding, and decided it would be perfect.  A little on top, a little on bottom, and wallah! A new curtain!

The other project I have completed recently (do you ever find that you have tons of projects but very few actually make it to completion?) was one that I found in our preschool curriculum, which I adapted.  We found a few Fall leaves from a walk (it's Arizona, we really had to look for Fall leaves!), shaved a few crayons for extra color, put it all between two pieces of wax paper and ironed it.  Then I cut them out, and taped around the edges.  I wish my tape had been a different color, maybe yellow, but I went with what we had.

The original idea suggested taping them to the window, but I got inspired to create something else.  The tops are cottage cheese lids, and I tied all the yarn on top of the lid to the circle from a bubble wand which then hangs from a hook in the ceiling.

The result?  Two Autumn mobiles for Fritter's and the girls' rooms.

Next up, throw pillows, updating my Bum Genius diapers and napkin rings.  AND I'm working on painting the kitchen and redoing the kitchen chairs.  Busy, busy!


Kate said...

Wow! You have been busy! Love your curtain. You did an amazing job on it! So creative, and thrifty too! The mobiles are also really cute. You MUST post pictures of your kitchen and chairs when you are finished! ~Please?;)

I can hardly wait to begin painting our new kitchen (~looks like I'll be able to start on it the end of this month) I've decided on yellow....Ah, ~it's so fun dreaming about it.....:)


Cmerie said...

I will try to remember. I forgot to mention I'm still working on my towel embroidery as well. :)

We've decided on yellow for the kitchen too. It took me awhile to decide on a color, but we finally are going with a lighter yellow. Can't wait!

So excited for you Kate! I'll bet you can't wait to move in to your house.

Mom said...

My dear swee pea, curtains are very nice. You did get that creative side from someone, and you utilize it very well. I remember when I was very young in school ironining leaves into wax paper. Fun! love you.