Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inspiration on Display

This morning I loaded all three kiddos into the van and headed bravely out into the world to find Halloween costumes.  We started at Goodwill and I had the idea of The Incredibles for our family.  Elastigirl?  I could totally pull that off!  :)

When I didn't find even one piece for our costumes, we loaded everyone back up into the van and headed to Walmart.  After what seemed like hours of walking through their Halloween aisles, and shielding eyes when I needed to, (does anyone else find the Halloween aisles to be nothing short of scandalous?) I still had...nothing.

So we started walking back towards the food, defeated, when I noticed a scarecrow on display.  My brain starting whirring and clicking, and before I knew it, we were walking out of the store with the makings of one scarecrow and a couple of rag doll costumes.  What's even better is that I managed to make it so the minor clothes I bought will be incorporated into the kids' winter wardrobes.  Score!  I'm still not sure how it's all going to come together, but it will. 

Any tips on how to make Raggedy Ann hair with a ball of red yarn?


Mary H said...

I have 1) a doll making book with instructions for yarn hair and better 2) I have last year's Halloween Family Fun which shows how to make yarn wigs including for Pippi Longstocking. That should help!

Victor S E Moubarak said...


Around here we have people who look like scarecrows without even having to dress up. One of them visited a farm recently and the birds returned all the seeds they took the previous year!

God bless.