Monday, September 19, 2011

Today and Sunflower

Hi there.  How has your day been?  Mine?  Oh, fine.  I feel like this is the first time I've sat down today, between the wiping, and running, and answering of phones, and nursing.  Well, I sat for the nursing, but multi-tasked through it when I'd rather just sit and stare at my baby's fuzzy head.

And now my dear husband is off on a very special mission tonight (if you feel like it, could you pray for a certain intention for one of our extended family members?), and because I can't really sleep until I know he's home safe and sound, here I am.

In other news, my dear little Sunflower is trying to move out of the newborn stage, but we (and she) are not really ready for that yet.  This girl is such a busy little thing, and my guess is she'll be crawling any time (she can't even sit up yet!).  She gets up on hands and knees and rocks and falls forward and gets mad, and then does it all over again.  She wants solids but still tongue thrusts and then screams because she's so frustrated.  She can roll over, when she's not mad at herself, but usually she's so mad, her arm gets stuck beneath her at an odd angle and she can't do it.

And is she ever a mama's girl!  It's actually one of my favorite things.  She loves dad, and she'll go to other people, but it's me she prefers.  Our other two loved me bunches too, of course, but this one thinks I'm the very best thing there is.  Maybe it's because she has to wait longer and more often than the other two had to, because sometimes I just can't get to her fast enough.

Anyway, we are almost at the six month mark and things are not really settling down for us, but I am getting in more of a groove.  I actually expect things to pick up more when Sunflower starts crawling and then (oh, no!) walking, but maybe she won't be so frustrated when she can actually get to what she wants and things will be more peaceful.  Here's to hoping!


miraculousmama said...

love our Goddaughter. What are yalls plans for the holidays, we really need to get together! LOVE!

Cmerie said...

I think we are planning on going to Wyoming for Christmas this year. We will be here for Thanksgiving. What are you guys doing?

Kate said...

I will certainly keep your certain intention in my prayers. Your little sunflower is so sweet!


Amy said...

I remember when my own (now 27!!) was that age. She was so cranky because she wanted to do more than she could. It was like her bizzy little brain was trapped in that 6 month old body that just wouldn't cooperate. But, like you predict for your Sunflower, as soon as she could crawl all was happy again.