Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Keeping Ladybug looking like...a lady, has become quite the task.  She no longer keeps her hair fixed, and I'm growing her bangs out so most of the time she just looks sloppy.  Plus, she is very talented at finding mud.  We live in Arizona.  Unless we're having a big storm, the ground is hard and cracked and dry.  But leave it to Ladybug, and she'll find mud.  Often I will peak outside to find my beautiful baby girl looking more like something a coyote dragged through a wash than not.

See that hose behind her?  My dear husband hooked up some misters to our back patio to make going outside more tolerable.  Who knew it would give her a chance to get down and dirty?

The activity in question.

I find it hilarious that she is usually WAY more dirty than her brother when they come in from outside.

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