Sunday, August 14, 2011


We leave for vacation this week (home to Wyoming, yay!), and I am not prepared at all.  Our plans were not even finalized until yesterday, and for me that spells chaos.  But instead of panicking, I'm hyperventilating taking deep breaths and going with it.

Generally, when we take road trips, we like to camp along the way and bring all of our own food.  I've found that things are just more peaceful that way.  Instead of stuffing two rambunctious kids and a baby into a hotel room and expecting them to be quiet and sleep while my dh and I somehow try to unwind, they get to run around outside until it's dark, and then I throw them in the tent and expect them to be quiet and sleep.  The difference is there is room for us all to move around and have a little breathing room after being trapped in a van for hours.

Bringing our own food and refusing to eat out is nice too.  When we've not done this, we usually arrive at our destination completely sick of greasy burgers and fries and want nothing more than a carrot to chew on.  This way, we eat well.  Plus it's nice to picnic at a park we find in whatever town we happen to be at, the kids can run, and we can eat in peace.

This trip however, we are spending two nights on the road going, and one night coming back, and it's only really going to work for us to camp out one night going and maybe the one night coming back.  I'm trying to go with it, and remembering that it will be nice to have a shower and a comfy bed those nights in the hotel.

Anyway, what this all means is that I have busy days ahead planning and thinking and packing.  I am so looking forward to our trip.

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