Monday, August 1, 2011

My Way Or Your Way, But Some Way Please!

Fritter needed a nice (acceptable) way to get his energy out.  Wrestling with his sister was out of the question.  So was throwing handfuls of rocks on the porch.  So was climbing to the top of our new picnic table and jumping off it.  Since he couldn't find a nice way to get the energy out, I did it for him.  Yesterday it was cleaning my baseboards.  Today?  Today, I made him run laps around the swimming pool.  I know.  I'm a mean mom.  I gave him a nice glass of ice water afterwards though, so I'm not that mean. 

I think he's gotten the hint.  Right now, he's driving his car around on the porch.  Very fast.  And he's making racing sounds.  Now that is acceptable play.

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Kate said...

What a good mom! :)