Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess What I Got?

...for our anniversary?
I have been wanting one for years now, but it just never seemed the right time.  You know how that is right?  Throughout the night of our anniversary dinner, my dear, wonderful husband slipped me six clues and six memories for each of our six years of marriage.  I have to say, I was baffled, but right before we got home, I guessed it.  He had it in the trunk of the car the whole time.  Stinker.  Isn't he awesome?!

So at first I was pretty intimidated by this machine.  It comes with a little DVD, showing how to wind the bobbin, and set the stitches, ect. which I watched.  That really only served to make me more intimidated.

Today I decided that I would learn by doing.  See that stack of dish cloths there?  That used to be two old towels that were badly ripped.  I cut them up, and stitched them up, and now I have a stack of the best dish cloths ever.  I already have about ten projects mulling around in my head.

Watch out sewing world.  Here I come!  ;)


Amy said...

Many years ago, I tried my hand at sewing. My daughter (who is now 27)was 2yrs old at the time. I tried to make her a bathing suit - two piece. She cried that it "hurt" her. I never tried again. :-( I sincerely wish you much more luck than I had!!

Kate said...

So excited for you Candice!!!! What a wonderful man you have!:)


Michelle said...

I bookmarked this link for when I have free time. Lots of great ideas.

Cmerie said...

Thanks for the link Michelle!