Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Newest Love

Take that summer energy bill!


Kate said...

Ah! That's a lovely one! Welcome to the Clothes-line Lovers Club;)Isn't it absolutely fabulous?! One of my friends swears that there are theraputic benifits to hanging out the wash(along with the energy benefits), and I am inclined to strongly agree with her! Happy Hanging! ;)


Amy said...

What do you do when the monsoons hit? I dunno, I just never got into the whole clothseline thing. Me? I get a charge out of cleaning bathrooms. Scrubbing - yah! That's a great way to work out the stuff that clogs my brain up.

Cmerie said...

I run out really quick and brave the lightning. :)

I have to say, even today when it was soooo hot, I loved going out there to hang things.

I don't like bathrooms much, but cleaning the kitchen is super relaxing too. I love seeing the difference cleaning makes.