Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Duckie

This morning we said goodbye to Duckie.  Duckie has been Fritter's lovey since he was six months old, but we've had him since before Fritter was born.  When I was pregnant with Fritter, I worked at Subway in between semesters at college.  My boss, Bunnie (really her name), was such a sweet lady and this cute yellow duck was a gift from her.

My dear husband and I have been thinking of putting Duckie away for sometime.  For the past six months or so, Fritter's attachment to The Duck has waned, and we're finding that he's being forgotten in random places.  Duckie has been around so long, it would break both of our hearts if he got lost for good.  We debated just putting him away one day when Fritter wasn't paying attention, but in the end decided that we would let Fritter be the one to put him in the memory box.

Today, Fritter asked me if I knew where Duckie was.  It was then I decided it was time.  I told Fritter the plan, and he was ok with it, so we found The Duck, and tucked him in a cozy spot in the box.  Fritter made sure he had his little blanket so he would stay warm.  Fritter told him goodbye and said he would miss him, and then in his cute little Duck voice, answered back, "Goodbye, I'll miss you too!" 

When we put the box on the top shelf in Fritter's closet he asked me, "Mom, when I get growed up, I can get Duckie back?"  My little boy is growing up so fast, that will happen before I know it.

As I was looking for pictures of Fritter and Duckie for this post, I realized there are Duck sightings everywhere.  It was hard to pick.  Duckie really has been around to help Fritter grow up.

May 2007 - 6 months old

July 2008 - 1 year 8 months old

October 2008 - 1 year 11 months old

January 2009 - 2 years 2 months old

August 2009 - 2 years 9 months old

December 2009 - 3 years 1 month old
And the goodbye picture...
June 2011 - 4 years 7 months old

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVED this post! Made me tear up for some reason. Bye, bye Ducky.