Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lessons in Stone

A family we have become good friends with is moving to Chicago.  This family embraced us when we first moved here and have become like an extension of our family.  So we're feeling their move keenly. 

In the process of packing up, there were a few things they wanted us to watch over so they didn't get damaged until their final pack in the moving truck.  These two are my favorites:

Mary and St. Joseph the Worker
In the few weeks they have been with us, their impact has been great.  For those non-Catholics who read this, it's not because I attribute any sort of magic or something to the statues.  No.  The blessing has come simply by the reminders they give me.  On my way to "chew out" a child for some misdemeanor, I will catch a glimpse of Mary and think to myself, "Is this how she would handle this?  Is this how I should handle this?"  When thinking about my dear husband and how he can be messy sometimes, I see dear St. Joseph there with his saw, and I am reminded about just how hard my husband works to provide for us.  So I am more inclined to cut him some slack.

And since they are getting packed into the moving truck today, I find myself wondering if I will remember these lessons when they are gone. We have religious art in our home, and of course we have crucifixes hanging in several rooms reminding us not only of THE sacrifice made for us, but how we also must sacrifice.  But something about having these very large statues make the lessons that much harder to ignore.  They verbally say nothing, they really are just statues, but their meaning is so poignant.

I'm thinking we may have to find something of this sort to fill their spots after they are gone.

*Obviously I am only talking of these statues, not of the dear family that is leaving.  I don't think anything could replace them, and we will miss them so much.  I think most of you will understand this, I hope.

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