Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom's Visit

Two weekends ago, we had the pleasure of receiving a visit from my mom.  She had the pleasure of meeting her third grandbaby. 

Lots of visiting was had, and we used the opportunity to visit the aquarium.  This particular aquarium is attached to a largish mall, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  But, in my humble opinion, it was well worth the money, and the kids really enjoyed themselves.  At least for their age group, it was way better than a visit to the zoo (and close to the same price too).


Fritter full of excitement.

Bubble heads.

We still have a little kid left in us. ;-)

Little boy full of wonder.
It's so fun to watch Fritter and Ladybug as they wonder about the world around them.  It helps me to see things in a whole new light.

It was a great visit.  I can't wait to go home to Wyoming this summer to visit the rest of our family.  It's been so long...

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