Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walking With God

Walking With God is the newest book by Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins.  It's subtitled A Journey Through The Bible, and that's exactly what it is.  I have always felt called to read and understand the bible.  But, being a convert to Catholicism, and not having much experience with the bible before my conversion, I never really knew how or where to start.  So I did what you do with most every other book.  I would start at the beginning and planned to not stop until the end.  But not understanding much about the background certain stories were told around, and getting lost somewhere among all the genealogies and the Thou Shalt Nots, I usually gave up halfway through Genesis.

That all changed when I received Walking With God as my newest review book from the Catholic Company.  I read each section from the bible the book described, and then would read the chapter from the book.  I cannot believe it myself, but I have now read most of the Old Testament and have a greater understanding of the New.

The book is set up according to The Great Adventure's Bible Timeline:

...which organizes the events of the Bible into twelve periods and follows the basic storyline of God's revelation by focusing on just fourteen "narrative books" that together give the "big picture" of Scripture's plot.  (Once the plot of the story comes into focus, the remaining fifty-nine books, which The Bible Timeline program calls "supplemental books" can be fit into their historical contexts.)

Walking With God makes the whole story, from God's creation to his Revelation, so much more understandable for those of us who are not biblical scholars.  Not only would this make a great Lenten read, but honestly I think all Catholic homes should have this on their bookshelves with each family member reading it as age and understanding allow.  Knowing and understanding our biblical background solidifies who we are as Catholic Christians and can help us grow closer to God through His Son.

*This review was written as part of the Catholic book reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Walking With God . They are also a great source for serenity prayer and baptism gifts.

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