Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unplanned - A Review

I cannot tell you how much Abbey Johnson's book Unplanned impacted me.  Besides the book being well written and easy to read (I read it in two days, I know of others who read it in one night), it inspired me to get off my duff (so to speak).  So often we complain about the horrors of abortion, but we never really do anything about it, except complain.  Unplanned has been the catalyst I needed to move me to action.

Abbey Johnson tells about her journey from the director of a Planned Parenthood in Texas to a voice on "the other side of the fence".  Her story is hard to read.  There are parts where I wanted to shout at her "How could you be so blind!", and other parts where I couldn't stop the tears from gushing over.  Within the pro-life movement, I think her story is one of the most important to come to light.  She was a modern everyday person who was sucked into the lies of the abortion industry, all while truly believing she was doing what was right and best for women.

A story like Abbey's shows us that change is possible.  But sacrifices must be made, whether they are of time or resources or both if we hope to see any change at all.  I think that were enough pro-life people to read this book it could inspire so many to do much more.  I can only imagine what could happen if enough pro-abortion people were to read it.

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