Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've Been Here Before

Today is almost the end of day two of on again off again contractions.  Some will be 10 minutes, others are 15 minutes, and still others are 30 minutes apart.  It's pretty much ongoing.  For two days.  I've taken two long walks today, sat on my birth ball, drank a glass of wine in order to relax, and I'm still waiting for the real action to happen.  Yesterday, if asked, I would have told you we would have a baby in our arms by nightfall.  I woke up to the alarm this morning, disappointed, but still optimistic.  Today, I thought, today for sure.  Alas, it is the close of the day and I'm tired of watching my uterus.  And I'm tired of my husband watching, and I'm tired of the neighbors across the street watching. 

On a positive note, I spoke with my doula today, and she reassured me that this kind of progress is good.  It means less work when active labor really comes.  I keep trying to remember that.  In God's time.  In God's time.

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Kate said...

(((Hugs))) and prayers!