Sunday, March 20, 2011

Air Show

Today we went to an air show at the Air Force Base in our area.  We have been looking forward to this for about a month.  We had the option of park and ride, but we took the park and walk.  I figured hoofing it a little might help get things moving.

Fritter all smiles.  This kid loves airplanes.  I think we may have a future pilot on our hands.  As long as he chooses the Navy, his dad will be happy.  ;-)

Ladybug was all smiles too.  Until she realized I planned on keeping her in the stroller for as long as possible.  Then she wasn't as happy.

Fritter analyzing his chances of hopping in the cockpit.

Like Father, Like Son.

So cool.  You can actually pay to take a 45 minute ride in this one.  I was told that certain sacrifices could be made for a certain persons birthday at some point in the future.  Hmmm...we'll see.

There is something about seeing all these old war planes coupled with being on a military base that brings out the patriotism in a person.

We had front row seats for the airshow.  But we forgot the chairs.  And that ground?  Not so comfy.  Fritter and Ladybug didn't seem to mind.  They just saw a fence and wanted to get on the other side.

The Golden Knights started the airshow off with a very cool jump.  I could not believe how fast they fell, and how long until they opened their parachutes.  The airplane that dropped them proceeded to chase them through the sky. 

He landed right in front of us.  We were thrilled, and I managed to get a picture of him the moment his feet touched the ground.

I can't remember what kind of airplanes these are, but their show was amazing.  They are so fast, and so maneuverable.  Fritter couldn't take his eyes off of them.

The same planes, passing each other.  Had I not wanted a picture, I would have closed my eyes.

An A-10 was also part of the show.  It was amazing how fast he was and the things he could do in the sky.  It seemed impossible that he could stay in the air when he did certain moves.  They simulated bombing for us.  One of the "bombings" was so big, we could feel the heat from it.

This plane was not part of the show, but needed to take off during part of it.  He was on his way to Libya.
We didn't get to stay for the whole show, but what we saw was amazing.  The walk back to the car seemed way longer than the walk there, and the drive home seemed even farther.  I told my dear husband that if I don't start labor after that exhaustion, nothing would help.  Thankfully we all were able to take nice long naps when we got home, and our sunburns are light enough they will probably just be tans by tomorrow evening.

It was a great day spent with my favorite people.

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