Friday, February 4, 2011

Reading Tradition

Lately, when my boy wakes from his nap, I'm still in nap mode on the couch.  So we've gotten into a little habit, which I love.  He'll bring a stack of books and pile them on the couch beside us, and while I'm slowly waking up, he reads to me.  Well, not really reads, but he has most of his books memorized, and those he doesn't he improvises.  Today he grabbed Does God Know How To Tie Shoes? which happens to be one he doesn't have fully memorized.  It was super cute hearing his interpretation of the pictures and to see what he's gotten out of some of the books I've read to him.  And, in true Fritter style, he takes this reading time very seriously.

I think we're going to hang onto this tradition for some time.

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