Friday, February 18, 2011

The Pajama Houdini Strikes Again

Ladybug has recently discovered how to take off her footy pajamas.  And her diaper.  Every morning for the past few mornings, I've gone in her room to discover a naked, but happy, Ladybug.  The first morning, she was so proud of herself and had even given her wet diaper to her lovey (Horsie), and had wrapped her pajamas around Horsie as well.

This morning I caught her in process, and she had only managed to get out of the top half of her pajamas, and her diaper was still intact.  "Ladybug," I told her, "Mommy takes off your pajamas and diaper, not Ladybug."

Her response?

"Ladybug take off my diappy.  I two yeaws od."

Two going on fifteen.

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Kate said...

Ha! What a cutie.....