Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Love, Love, Love doula.  How amazing is it to be able to email someone anytime with any sort of question?  She gets back to me so quick.  I gotta tell you, it takes the "I'm embarrassed because I feel like I'm asking a stupid question" scenario away.  It's not a phone call (although I could do that if I wanted to), so I don't feel like I'm bothering anyone.  It's an email.  She has the freedom to check it whenever she wants to, and get back to me whenever she has time to.  So no matter how many "stupid question" emails I send her, I still don't feel like a burden.  (I know, I know!  Why should I feel like a burden when I'm paying her to do her job?  It's just me.)

And the best part comes later.  In two weeks, I have my relaxation visit.  That's where she comes over to my house (while the kids are napping!) and will do either a guided relaxation or a massage.  And then?  Then, during labor and delivery, she comes to my house when I'm ready for her.  This is awesome, because she helps us decide when to go to the hospital, so we don't get there too early (or too late).  Because I'm a VBAC, having a doula allows us to stay at home and labor for as long as we can, thus reducing the chances of having any unnecessary interventions.  And she helps us navigate the tricky medical waters while there. 

Not to mention how much of a help she is during the actual labor.  While I labored with Ladybug, I had horrible back labor.  She gave my back counter pressure pretty much the whole time.

And then?  Then?!  After the baby is born and we're home, she comes over to our house again to check up on us, see how nursing is going, and then does SOME LIGHT CLEANING!!!!  I can't tell you enough how amazing it was to have her vacuum my floors while I nursed Ladybug.  Amazing.

So.  If you have never thought of having a doula while expecting, or you've thought about it but it seemed frivolous or whatever, trust me.  It's so worth it.


Kate said...

So happy for you Cmerie!!!


Jenny said...

I had a doula with my 5th baby. She was in training, an acquaintance from church, and needed some real live birth time. Even though I had already been there, done that 4 times before, she was an amazing support. My favorite moment was in transition. I had been praying the rosary for certain intentions and I had to stop, she leaned over and said, let me pray for you. I took that to mean two things, let me pray you through this moment and let me take up your intentions until you can.

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Cmerie said...

Jenny it sounds like you had a great doula. Mine is not Catholic, but still a wonderful woman. Actually, I learned last pregnancy that her husband is a fallen away Catholic. Theirs was one of those intentions I prayed for during labor. Ladybug was born around Thanksgiving, and my doula and her husband decided to go to midnight Christmas Mass for the first time since they'd been married! It's a start!

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