Monday, January 3, 2011

A Very Sick (But Happy) New Year

How was your Christmas?  Ours was wonderful, though at some points I was reminded of the Christmas in A Christmas Carol.  So many funny stories to tell, and so little time. Here are a few highlights:

We meant to go to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, but by the time 11pm came around, I was so exhausted that we decided Mass on Christmas Day would be better for us.  So there we are in all our finest, it's the beginning of Mass and Father says, "Let us pray."  As he quietly composes himself, my Fritter, in full conversational tone in a very quiet church, announces that he has to go "Poo-poo".  There were chuckles all around as I (very red faced) took my little man to the restroom to learn some manners, know.

Once home, the kids were wired from a sweet breakfast, and who knows how many candy canes.  We sent Fritter outside to play and run, and as we turned to let Ladybug go outside as well, we found she had already made it out.  With a handful of opened (and very sticky) candy canes, and sugary red stuff dripping down her face and hands she made it straight to the sandbox and dived in.  She came out looking like she had been in a dirt bomb war with the ruffians next door.

Around lunchtime, I was busy in the kitchen when I heard what sounded like marbles rolling around on our living room floor, which is Pergo.  I came out of the kitchen to find that Ladybug had made her way inside with a shovel full of rocks and dirt, and she and Fritter were very happily kicking them around the living room.

It was at this point that I found myself on the couch with a cool washcloth on my head, and my dear husband taking charge of the rugrats.  ;-)

But, truly, it was a nice Christmas.  I'll post pictures maybe tomorrow or the next day.  We were visited by my husband's brother and his family, which was so nice.  And then Fritter came down with the stomach flu (to which he is recovering, finally) last Wednesday.  And then Friday I came down with it, and Saturday my dear husband got sick.  We are all mostly better, and thankfully Ladybug has been just fine.  This is a Christmas and New Year's that will go down in family lore.

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