Friday, January 14, 2011

Loving Our New Computer

Our old computer (ol' trusty as we like to call it) is dying and has been for quite some time.  But we've not really been in a position to replace it, so we just dealt with a computer that was slow, and that you couldn't totally read what was on the screen.  And viewing pictures?  Forget about it!  We dreaded the day that we'd try to turn it on and nothing would happen.

My dear husband decided enough was enough.  He ordered parts to build his own computer, and yesterday after work, he did it.  He built his own computer.  Yesterday after work.  I know that other people have done this before, and it's actually fairly common, but I am totally in awe.  He built his own computer.  To me, computers are these magical things that just kind of are.  But no.  He built his own computer!

And it's awesome!  It's fast.  I can just click on something, and guess what?  It just goes there!  I can see pictures, and video and not try to read between the lines (literally).

It's not totally done, I can get on the internet and that's about it, but I'm guessing by tomorrow the entire kit and caboodle will be done.

And guess what?  My husband built it.  That is so satisfying.

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