Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Am David

It seems almost impossible for me to write a review for I Am David.  Nothing I could say would do this movie justice. 

David is a young boy who, after being born and raised in a Communist concentration camp in Italy, is finally able to escape with the help of another inmate.  In his young life he has seen nothing but human suffering and cruelty and thus does not even know how to smile.  He mistrusts all humanity and expects the worst at every turn.  David is on a mission to deliver a letter to Copenhagen, Denmark, and on the way encounters normal people living normal lives.  Through these encounters he slowly learns to trust and love.  David is armed with little else but a compass and a loaf of bread to carry him on his journey.

One of the things that really struck me about this movie was how readily David was able to put his faith in the unseen.  Along his journey he receives a holy card of Our Lady, and with a child-like faith that is still intact in spite of his unfortunate circumstances, he looks to Our Lady and ultimately her Son to guide and protect him.  Perhaps because of his distrust of humanity it was easier for him to trust in something else.  Whatever the case, this small part was inspiring to me.

The acting in this movie is wonderful.  What else could you expect from a movie starring Jim Caviezel (even if it is only a small role)?  And the strength and determination that Ben Tibber (David) portrays in the character of this young boy is stunning.  I cannot recommend this movie enough.  It really is one that you will want to own and watch over and over.  
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