Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Great 2010 Declutter - Part 1

I'm going to give you a quick peek into my cluttered home.  We have an entire list of decluttering projects that need to be tackled, along with an entire list of home improvement projects.  My dear husband has been heroically scratching items off the improvement list, while I have been checking items off the decluttering list. 

I came to my hubby with my list and asked him which areas were driving him the most crazy, so I could do those first.  His order for the first three to dos was the office, art closets, and master bedroom closet.  The office, I can happily report is done, although I do not have pictures for you.  Nor would I show you them if I did.  It was more than a little embarrassing.

But last weekend, I decluttered both the closets dh recommended, and am so very proud of them.  Today I'll show you the art closets.

These giant closets are actually in the dining room.  We call them the art closets, but really they have become the catch-alls.  This first side is where all of our preschool stuff is, along with board games and art supplies.  It was so bad that anytime I reached for something, something else would fall out with it, usually on my head.

                                             Before                                                               After

So much better!  At least I think so.

The other side of the closet was previously used for fiction books, and anything else that happened to find it's way there, including paper plates and napkins (on the top shelf by the diaper boxes). 

                                     Before                                                               After

 This side is by far the best.  Who doesn't dream of having empty closet space?  I'm already considering what to stuff it with.  Kidding.  Maybe I'll put a little chair there and that can be my quiet reading spot when I want to hide from the kids spend some time alone.

Next time I'll post about the master bedroom closet declutter.  Oh!  The excitement!

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