Monday, November 29, 2010

Waiting and Searching

I've been at my computer most of the day.  Oh, I've gotten up to feed the children, clean the kitchen, shower, ect.  But, I've mostly sat here.  Waiting.  And searching.

Waiting for the Famous Footwear site to come back up, because they have one amazing deal today (and 18% cash back with Ebates) and a certain someone is going to benefit (hopefully) from my labor today.

While waiting, I've done some searching.  Searching for gifts for the kiddos, checking prices, making lists, and these will wait (more waiting) for my hubby to get home and give the final A-OK.

I could have posted the three reviews I have waiting in the queue, while I sat here waiting, but I was too busy searching.

This little game I've played today of waiting and searching reminds me of what a special time Advent is.  It's a time of waiting for the Christ child.  A time for preparing our hearts and our homes to receive him.  And a time for searching for him in others, and ourselves as well.  I love Advent.  It seems to be a time just on the verge of magical.  Waiting for the mystery to be revealed is almost as wonderful as beholding it.

Have you begun searching and waiting and preparing yet?

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