Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I don't have much time to actually write about our Halloween adventures today. Just know we had so much fun, and you'll have to settle for the story in pictures.

Our trip out to a friend's house for a hayride.

Everyone's favorite person (and Ladybug).

Daddy helping Ladybug with her costume.

Daddy and Ladybug being a...ladybug!

Fritter as Thomas the train.

Side-view of Thomas

We had such a wonderful Halloween. And I cannot tell you how happy we all are to have daddy home. Fritter and Ladybug have barely let him out of their sight, and sending him off to work this morning was not easy on any of us. Thankfully, he's only working a few hours before he comes back home to us.
At Mass yesterday I looked at my two children between my husband and I, and felt the little one in my belly and could think nothing but, "My cup runneth over." And I'm truly grateful.

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