Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kid Cuteness

Fritter has started testing out what it's like to call me "Mom". Not "Mama", not "Mommy" but "Mom". I don't like it much, and I keep hoping that he'll forget all about this and go back to "Mama". He watches my face to see how I'll react every time he says it. Thankfully, when he's not practicing being a little man, he reverts back to "Mama".


Yesterday I asked Fritter to pick up the toys in the playroom. He said, "But Mom! It's just too much!" I told him to do one thing at a time, and directed him to the Mr. Potato Head stuff. He then held up both hands and said, "No, I can do two things at once. I have two hands!"


Ladybug has become quite the little zealot. At Mass a few weeks ago, after Father said, "Let us pray", she (very loudly) started, "Haiw Mawy full o gwace da Lord is wif de."

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