Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday From Far Away

My husband has been out of town for his last two birthdays. It's never fun. On a day when I want to wake him with kisses and snuggles and a loud rendition of the Happy Birthday Song, I have to settle for a phone call at 5am his time and a slightly more annoying version of the song. When my home should be smelling of homemade chocolate cake and he should be opening homemade cards from Fritter and Maggie...well, it doesn't and he's not. *sigh*

When my dear, wonderful husband should be being reminded of how much we love him and how very special he is to us, he's working over there, and we are over here.

And no matter what I tell myself, celebrating his birthday when he comes home just won't be the same. But, I'll settle for it. Because he IS coming home. On Saturday night. And I can't wait to give him enough kisses to make up for six weeks of none.

Happy Birthday, Nee. I love you.

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