Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Saints Day

The RE program at our parish had an All Saints Parade yesterday evening. So Fritter was St. Francis again. It was a very fun, and super cute evening.

In this video, Fritter's class is practicing marching in a line. They're preschoolers. They need all the practice they can get. The preschoolers led the real march, and it took all six adults in the class to keep them in line. Ever hear of herding cats? Yeah. It was like that.

Once in the parish hall, some of the "saints" were called on to tell about their saints. Fritter wanted so bad to go up, and we had practiced a little at home, so I thought it would be fine. Once up, this is what he said (he's not shy at all):

(If you can't hear him, the DRE asked him who he was and he told her Alexander (not his saint name), she then said, "Oh, Alexander the Great?" He said yes and then told her that he likes movies. So she said, "You must be the patron saint of movies!" He agreed. ;-) He is so proud of himself as he's walking back, and that's probably the cutest part of this video.

Overall, it was a very fun night. Here's a token picture of my little saint and another with him and his sister (I think she's jealous of his costume).

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