Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So That Was A Little Negative

My last post that is. Really, I'm not going that crazy, but I do get worried. Funny thing, the morning after I wrote that post, I woke up feeling just awful. Really, really awful. I'm settling into a rhythm of feeling bad and feeling not so bad now though, and that's doable. I'm taking advice given, and taking those moments that are free from yuckiness, and doing those things that need to be done. Like making sure the house doesn't smell like old macaroni and cheese (really, I don't know why it did. We don't eat macaroni and cheese....)

On another note, we started our home/preschool yesterday and things went pretty well. I was able to see where I planned too much, what works and what just isn't going to. One such thing, I thought it would be nice to include Ladybug in the beginning part of our school. It's mostly reading, some praying, a song or two, that sort of stuff, and then we'd do the crafty stuff while she napped. But she wasn't interested in sitting and listening to books that are a little over her head, and getting Fritter to concentrate is difficult when his sister is tickling his toes. ;-) So, for now anyway, Ladybug is going to be excluded from all but the more active school stuff (like the songs and finger plays). It's good though, she gets a whole half hour to herself with me every afternoon.

So anyway, things are good, and my mood is looking up. Thanks for all the prayers!

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