Friday, August 27, 2010

Growing Pains

I am officially experiencing my first night without my boy. (Except the night I spent in the hospital when Ladybug was born. But, that's a whole different experience.) My dear, wonderful husband took him up camping with a few other families for the weekend. I originally planned on going, but would rather throw up at my own home than...well, you know.

So they left this evening. And besides the normal worry I have for my son being away from me, I miss him. They've been gone for all of an hour and I already miss him. All day, I've been preparing him to go, packing the camping gear and his little bag, and thinking how nice it will be to take a shower this evening. And how much I'm looking forward to those two wonderful naps that Ladybug still takes in the daytime, and that I just might take two wonderful naps myself. And how much fun Fritter will have with his dad, and what a wonderful opportunity for some "bonding". And now I can only think about how I miss him. I tucked Ladybug into her bed, and just to make myself feel better tucked Fritter's animals in bed too. *sigh*

Actually, two naps tomorrow does sound good, and since Ladybug is already in bed, I think I'm off for a nice bath, a cup of tea, and a good book. How's that for hormonal?

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Kate said...

I think a bath, cup of tea, and a good book sound fabulous!!! Hope you enjoyed them! The older two kids camped out with Luke last night too, so it was just Lance and me......the house was soooo quiet!!!! Hard to adjust, isn't it? I'd catch myself wondering "What are those kids up to?" You know, quiet usually always means trouble;)