Friday, July 16, 2010

Grand Family Summer Adventure - Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

It was a relief to get into Atlanta. Originally our arrival was going to be a surprise to all the kids, but the oldest two found out through the grapevine. It was still fun to pull up and see the surprised look on nephew C's face. Fritter immediately got in on the action and ran and ran and ran his pent up energy out.

Here's a picture of all the super cute boys, left to right: Fritter, J (the cutest Godson ever!), N, and C.

A fun shot of all the kids.
Left to right: C (being goofy), Godson J, A, M (Ladybug's favorite person, and such a sweet girl), Ladybug, N, and Fritter.

One exhausting adventure started out by a simple trip to look at furniture for niece A's room. This is niece A. Isn't she cute?

We planned to go grocery shopping afterwards and knew we would be home late. What we didn't know was how late we would be. The drive to look at furniture was about 45 minutes from SIL's house. But unlike the west, where there are no trees and the roads run in 90 degree angles of each other in most places, the trees in Georgia (and much of the east) block all of the view. And the roads are just kind of placed wherever. Before we even got to where the furniture was, I was completely turned around. Had my SIL gotten sick of me and dropped me off somewhere, my situation could have been hopeless. Thankfully she didn't, and it wasn't, and we found where we were going.
And best of all, we found our way out. By then, though, it was 9pm and neither of us had eaten dinner. SIL found a place to eat, but as luck would have it, the workers must have seen us coming and locked the doors as we were arriving. No food for us. Meanwhile, niece A happily munched on the french fries she had gotten 20 minutes earlier.
So we decided to eat after grocery shopping. The particular Walmart we had chosen to shop at was undergoing a major renovation and most of the shelves were either empty or covered with plastic. This is what SIL had to go through just to get bread.

Eventually, the shopping was done, fast food was consumed, and we could laugh about it.

On the Saturday before Independence Day, DH and I had planned on looking at Civil War stuff with BIL and niece A. But BIL had a better idea and took us to the Atlanta History Center. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. Make sure you pick up the free audio tour while you are there.

The museum also features the Tullie Smith Farm. It's a working farm reminiscent of the 1860's or so. Again, very cool and worth the stop. A great place to have some fun. DH mistook a replica Privy for the real thing. ;-) Don't recognize the reading material? It's Mitten strings for God.

My dear, dear husband really felt like a rustic guy while visiting the farm.

And that same dear husband tried to fix the cannon for niece A.

He almost didn't get out of the way before she fired.

I love my husband. He makes things so fun.
For the last part of our stay in Atlanta we went to SIL's friend's house for a July 4th party. The amount of chaos that 100 Catholic kids can create is amazing. And loud. And so much fun. We met some great people and ate really great food. When dark came, they lit up the cul-de-sac skies with fireworks which Fritter really enjoyed. Ladybug wasn't sure about it at first, but soon enjoyed herself as well.

It was hard to leave the B family. Hopefully it won't be another 2 1/2 years before we see them again.

Stay tuned for Part 3. You'll hear about a crazed lion, water babies, and a wonderful pedicure.

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How wonderful!!! So glad you had such a lovely vacation!