Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Is Here (Giveaway!)

And it's hot! We got home from camping and was greeted by a lovely 113 degrees. It won't be long before I'm daydreaming of snow!

We mostly have our summer planned, but I've been trying to think of things to do with the kids inside. You know, for those times I would normally send them outside to run around in circles and get their energy out. My creative side is sunburned though, and all I can think of is swimming. But that requires me to get my energy out. And I kind of need that.

So, ideas? When it's too hot (or cold depending on where you live) to go outside, how do you occupy the little ones? As an incentive to give me ideas, I'll randomly choose a commenter and send them a lovely summertime surprise!

**This giveaway will be open until Sunday night.**


Anonymous said...

We do: Playdoh, free online computer games, FInger paiting with pudding, arts and crafts, putting on music and dancing, do a marching band and make your own instruments, board games, songs like hokey pokey, races (skips, jumps and hops) down our long hallway, playing with a soft bouncy ball.

Jenn N

Kate said...

There is also filling the sink part way with water and letting them sail boats or play with toys in it. It is fun to experiment, and see what sinks and what floats(mine will do this for hours!); reading stories, playing hide-and-seek; pretending to cook and measure out uncooked white rice (-I'll spread a blanket under where they are playing to make clean up easier. My eldest loves to pour the rice through a funnel into another container); make puppets out of old socks and put on a puppet show!


Erica said...

How about making "forts" in the family room or decorating big boxes to make play houses.