Friday, May 14, 2010

Whew! That Smells Clean!

One thing that's nice about having a blog and being able to air my dirty laundry is that I can hold myself accountable. Since posting yesterday about my messy room, my pride refused to allow that post to stay at the top of my blog. Because then? Then I would feel like a really messy Catholic wife and mother. Which meant I actually had to clean my room, instead of putting it off until another day. Which means it never would have gotten done.

So, for your viewing pleasure...

My bedside table actually does have a top to it. What? All those books? Well, they are still there because I happen to be reading them. All of them. Really.

The pile of magazines are still there, but my hubby has a top to his table now as well.

The dresser. What's missing? Oh! The humidifier we haven't used in ages. Isn't that nice?

Hasn't changed much. BUT, I did dust. I may not be able to see the top, but my dear husband can. I call it "A dust free love note".

I saved the best for last. The desk. What a project. Seriously, it took me all day to go through everything and decide what to do with it all. And then I spent all morning today running errands pertaining to the things I found on this desk. Remind me to go through the mail when it actually arrives instead of relegating it to a pile.

Thanks for putting up with this little tour. I couldn't have done this without you. ;-) And if you happen to find something in the mail from me, you can thank this desk.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did appreciate the pictures! Thanks.