Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When Did...

...my life get so busy? Busy with what? Honestly, I couldn't tell you. It's not like I have an appointment every other day like a few months ago. Or that I'm doing a playdate everyday. That happens about once a week. The kids aren't signed up for anything, except swim lessons which start this weekend and only last four days. So why am I so busy? Why do I feel like I'm constantly on the go and I haven't even left the house?

It's all those little things that add up in a big way. Phone calls to insurance companies about our new van, unloading the dishwasher, keeping the bathroom clean in spite of the potty trained three year old boy, spending time with the ones I love and making their days special. All these things have me going. But it's a good kind of busy. And I really wouldn't want it any other way.

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep. I'm reading this book, and though I'm not even half way through it, I can't put it down. Around 1am, I forced myself to turn off the light and go to sleep, but even then, I dreamed about the book. Which means when the alarm went off at 6 this morning I snoozed until 7. And even so, I'm exhausted today. I could put the kids in front of a movie and catnap on the couch next to them. But I've found that even when I'm tired, my day runs smoother and I feel calmer when I just blindly follow my routine. The one that keeps me going most of the day. Because I've also built into it times to rest and reading and snuggles, and how much sweeter are those times when I'm not worried about what I'm not getting done.

At the grocery store, I am always hearing about how I have my hands full with my two active kids. And I do. And I also have a full heart because of them. And perhaps one day I'll have my hands (and heart) even fuller. All in God's time, according to His will.

So when did my life get so busy doing things I couldn't even tell you what I'm doing? I'm not sure of the moment, but I know I'd rather be doing this than anything else.

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